Community Engagement

Social engagement: At St. Johns, we take our responsibility as a Parish church seriously. We are always exploring new ways to serve our community to make God’s love known. Whether it be schools, nursing homes, youth projects, or community projects, we are eager to get involved and serve those around us. As a church, we are particularly exploring ways to serve the Debden Estate, and our Pioneer Minister, Fr Sam Maginnis heads up our ministry to children and young people on the Estate, out of our Estate Shop ‘St. Johns on the Broadway.’

At St. Johns, you’ll find a community which is as varied as the world we seek to serve. Whether you come to God through silence and reflection, choral music and incense, family-fun and mad crafts, you’ll find your home here; because we believe that God welcomes you, whoever you are, and invites him to join his family.

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