Life Events

It's natural that we want to share the most important moments of our lives with those we love, whether they be moments of joy and celebration, or times of grief and sadness. Due to our wide networks of friends and relations it is not always possible for all those whom we would want to share an event with to be with us in persons. Whether you're keen to include part of the family that live abroad, individuals who are too ill or fragile to travel, or friends who have work  or caring commitments they can't get away from, or there has been major disruption to travel stopping people from being with you, you might want to consider live streaming the service.

We can set up a private streams in a number of ways so that your friends and relations can join in the service without the rest of the world having access (unless you would like them to!). Please contact the office if you would like some more information.

Please be aware that it is not always possible to include any pre-recorded music used in a service in the live stream due to the copy-right laws being different for places of worship and for the internet.

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